Future Architecture for 6-12 @ PK

Planning is underway for us to make a transition into a new, award-winning secondary learning space. Transitions bring challenges and opportunities. We’re ready to take on the challenges and we’re excited about the opportunities for our school. We know there’s work to be done!  See below for documents, notes, and presentations connected to the work underway.


Planning for the Future Architecture @ PK



New Architecture 6-12 – QUESTIONS | Googledoc
Questions/recommendations raised during various faculty meetings will be collated and addressed in the Googledoc. Answers/comments will be added as available.



Pre-planning Week (August 6-10) 2018-19
Update on Building Timeline, Review of 2017-18 Decisions, Outline of Fall Professional Learning (August 9, 11am, Optional)

June 4 – Final 2017-18 School Year New Architecture Roundup | Review of 2018-19 Working Floor Plan (10am / Optional)

May 21 – Program Development Meeting | 2018-19 Working Floor Plan

May 17 – Reviewing the Options (2:45pm)

May 9 – Secondary Faculty Meeting
Option 1  | Option 2 |  Option 3Option 4 Option 5
Cover Sheet  |  Submit Reflections

April 30 – Expanded Program Development Meeting | notes | presentation

April 23 – Program Development Meeting | notes | presentation