Inquiry Symposium

We are always excited about our Annual Inquiries and Investigations Symposium at P.K. Yonge!

Below is the program for 2019 Inquiries and Investigations Symposium where participants engaged in conversations about critical research taking place in classrooms on our campus, and about the work of our colleagues in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida’s College of Education.


The 2019 P.K. Yonge Inquiries and Investigations Symposium
Program 2019



Submit a Proposal – NOW CLOSED!

P.K. Yonge Faculty Proposals – Presentations from P.K. Yonge faculty are scheduled for Roundtable Sessions 1 or 2, or the poster session. Roundtable presentation groups are comprised of 3 presenters and 1 facilitator. Poster sessions are opportunities to share research findings with a wider audience.

College of Education Faculty Proposals – Presentations from the College of Education Faculty are scheduled for Roundtable Session 2. Presentation groups are comprised of 3 presenters and 1 facilitator.

Preview the Roundtable Presentation Protocol to plan your presentation.