2023-2024 Performing Arts Season

P.K. Yonge has a rich history of high quality performances that showcase the incredible talent and dedication of performers and teachers alike! Students are encouraged to not only audition for shows, but to enroll in high school theatre class, musical theatre class, and chorus to hone their skills.

Thursday, April 25 7:00pm
Friday, April 26, 7:00pm
Saturday, April 27, 1:00pm
Saturday, April 27, 7:00pm

Thursday, May 2, 7:00pm
Friday, May 3, 7:00pm
Saturday, May 4, 1:00pm
Saturday, May 4, 7:00pm

Cast List

Recommended Age: 8+

Tickets range from $10-$15 https://pkyonge.ufl.edu/business/ticket-purchases/

2023-2024 Performing Arts Season

P.K. Yonge proudly presents Into the Woods!

James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim take everyone’s favorite storybook characters and bring them together for a timeless, yet relevant, piece… and a rare modern classic. The Tony Award-winning book and score are both enchanting and touching.

The story follows a Baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King’s Festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the Baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a Witch’s curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse. Everyone’s wish is granted, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results.

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2022 Spring Musical News

For the 2022 Spring Musical, we gained insight into how the performing arts support brain development. The TV20 news story below shares how P.K. Yonge combines the arts with science research in Little Shop of Horrors.

P.K. Yonge Combines Art and Science Research in Spring MusicalLittle Shop of Horrors TV 20 Story