School Redesign

Since 1934 P.K. Yonge has been engaging in work to redesign school. Driven by a commitment equity, we continue to engage in that work today in our efforts to identify knowledge and skills and to redesign our classrooms, learning communities, and school in ways that best support all students in achieving their post-secondary goals.


Since 2007, plans have been in place to revitalize our school campus | Campus Revitalization. Phase I, the elementary building opened in 2012. Construction on our secondary facility began in 2019. Much work and planning has taken place, and continues through the transition into the new learning spaces.

Details: Future Architecture 6-12 @ PK


Mastery-Based Learning

Work underway at P.K. Yonge since 2009 made the school a logical inclusion in a 2016 bill tasking five Florida school districts with designing and piloting elements of mastery-based learning in order to inform the continued development of Florida’s public school program.

Details: Mastery-Based Learning