Additional Academic Resources

Family Math Webinars for K-7

These short videos are provided to connect parents with student math learning. Each video focuses on supporting classroom math learning at home.

Video: Intro to Family Math (5:39)
PDF: Intro to Family Math

Video: Session 1 – Math Talk (11:28)
PDF: Session 1 – Math Talk
Focused on Mathematical Mindset and dealing with math frustrations

Video: Session 2 -Building Math Learning Pathways (12:38)
PDF: Session 2 – Building Math Learning Pathways
Focused on depth and not speed, visual math, and flexible thinking

Video: Session 3 – Make Math Engaging (6:18)
PDF: Session 3 – Make Math Engaging
Focused on authentic math engagement

Academic Study Hall and After School Help Sessions for 6-12

Academic Study Hall is offered Monday-Friday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Additionally, faculty offer afterschool help sessions in their classrooms.