Parents and guardians have access to Skyward Gradebook and are able to view grades, assignments, and attendance and can help confirm that attendance records are correct. Skyward Gradebook shows the date and class period in which a student’s attendance is recorded. If attendance information is incorrect, please contact the teacher to resolve the issue.

Tardy to School Procedures - NEW!

Arrivals between 8:05-8:30am – check in at the Elementary Building
Arrivals AFTER 8:30am – check in with Attendance at the Front Office

Late arrivals check in with Attendance at the Front Office


Excused Absence

If a student is absent with parental permission, upon the student’s return to school, parents/guardians must justify each absence via a doctor’s note, a written parent note, or other written official documentation as described in the attendance policy. Written documentation must include a student’s name, grade, date of absence, reason for absence, parent’s name, (and signature, when written communication), and daytime phone number for verification.

PLEASE NOTE: A phone call to the attendance office is NOT ADEQUATE documentation for an excused absence.

Students returning to school after an absence without a documented excuse may be sent to ISS until a parent can be contacted.
All absences not justified within 48 hours of the student’s return to school will remain unexcused.


Pre-arranged Absence

Pre-arranged absences are submitted 3 days in advance of the absence and approved by the Principal. A Pre-arranged Absence form is completed by a parent/guardian and submitted to the Principal. Students must complete a Pre-arranged Absence Assignment form in order to keep up with academic work missed during the pre-arranged absence.

Students absent for more than half of a CLASS are considered absent from that class. Students absent for more than half of the school day are considered absent for that school day.