Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs are the vehicle through which we share our analyses, outcomes, and action plans with teachers and educational leaders at large.

Events are offered throughout the school year and during the summer. Research in Action, Consultancies, and Spring/Summer Institutes offer teachers and educational leaders the opportunity to share in and contribute to our work on behalf of all of Florida’s students.

As we begin planning opportunities, we are eager to hear from you! If you are would like in sharing your interests with us an in being notified when programs are scheduled, please submit P.K. Yonge Professional Learning Notification.


As a public school whose student community reflects the ethnic and socio-economic demographics of the state of Florida, we are uniquely positioned to partner with schools in the collective effort to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s students. We walk in the footsteps of public school teachers in the state of Florida and innovate within, and in spite of, the constraints imposed on public schools today.


Our vision is to improve the effectiveness of our nation’s schools by developing and disseminating models of teaching and learning that inspire teachers and enhance students’ opportunities post high school.

Learning from Each Other

Each year we welcome more than 300 educators and school leaders from around the state, the nation, and around the world into our classrooms. Working with our dedicated faculty, our guests participate in teacher-to-teacher mini workshops, debrief observations, and develop action plans to take back to their schools and classrooms. Our guests, without fail, leave us with wisdom from their contexts, provide food for thought, and inspire us to continue to work for a better educational future for all students.