Elementary Math Olympiad Earns Highest Team Achievement

May 7, 2024

The P.K. Yonge Math Olympiad  4th and 5th grade team  earned the Highest Team Achievement Plaque for placing in the top 10% in the world.

PKY had seven students who placed in the top 2% – Jackson Williams, Joshua Pruitt, Harlan Carney, Max Young, Ivory Elliott, Charlie Poekert, and Cade Mills. Two of these students – Charlie and Cade – earned a perfect score!

Seventeen of our students including the ones in the top 2% and Ella Blake, Jack Mundorf, Gunnar Kendall, Sergio Pinilla White, Arnav Tripathi, Julius Sweeting, Niva Ranjit, Gianna Olivero, Vera Podlesnik, and Adia Jones earned individual awards (scoring 50% or above) and rank among the best mathematicians on their grade level.

“These students competed in five contests solving difficult and challenging problems,” said Michelle Mills, 4/5 learning community leader and math olympiad coach. “Learning how to solve a problem and understand its underlying mathematical concepts are important goals, and I couldn’t be prouder of these students and their accomplishment!”

Participants in Math Olympiads are in all 50 states, three US territories and in thirty foreign countries. In all, there are 4,061 teams and approximately 90,000 participants.

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