P.K. Yonge Opening Pre-Kindergarten Program in Fall 2024

May 7, 2024

P.K. Yonge has announced the opening of a pilot “PK Pre-K” in fall 2024. PK Pre-K will focus on providing high quality early learning education that will connect and prepare learners to a K-12 student setting. The initial class will consist of 20 pre-kindergarten students. Student applications will open in early summer. Students will be selected through a lottery application process that will provide a pre-K class reflective of the state of Florida’s student population. PK Pre-K is in the process of designing the pilot and is working with Alachua County Early Learning Coalition to obtain certification and licenses. 

“Launching a pre-kindergarten instance provides P.K. Yonge opportunity to extend our research mission to determine the efficacy of serving early learners, specifically when these students are served and supported by a certified professional educator. We’re looking forward to sharing what we learn with fellow educators throughout Florida and beyond,” said Dr. Brian K. Marchman, P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School director and superintendent. 

Rooted in research-based practices, PK Pre-K will not only prepare young learners for a seamless transition to kindergarten at P.K. Yonge, but will also contribute to ongoing developmental research, furthering our understanding of early childhood education and its long-term impact. 

“This innovative program will be centered on creating an enriching early childhood program that sparks curiosity, encourages collaboration, and creates a foundation for a lifelong love of learning,” said Jill Ozog, P.K. Yonge K/1 learning community leader. “We at PK aspire to be the foundation of each child’s journey towards a bright and successful future.”

Focused on creating a strong, engaging early start to a child’s educational journey, the pre-K program aligns seamlessly with P.K. Yonge’s commitment to excellence and innovation in education for all students. 

“We are thrilled to embark on this new journey as we welcome 4 year-old learners into our PK community,” said Dr. Ashley Pennypacker Hill, P.K. Yonge elementary principal. “In PK Pre-K, we look forward to nurturing a foundation of wonder, exploration, and growth, as we help shape the futures of our new members of the Blue Wave family.”  

Job postings for a pre-kindergarten teacher and a pre-kindergarten paraprofessional will open in early May on jobs.ufl.edu. 

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