Grading at P.K. Yonge

As a developmental research school, we are charged with designing, testing, and disseminating innovations in K-12 education through serving our diverse student community.

Over the past few years, through teacher research, development, and formalized inquiry (see Teacher Inquiry), work has been taking place around our campus on grading systems – specifically analyzing the merits and challenges presented by different grading systems and scales.

Based on outcomes from this work, we are taking concrete steps during the 2019-20 school year to move from a 100-point scale to a 4-point scale. For more information: Four-Point Grading

During this transition year, student performance in courses may be graded using EITHER a 4-point scale or a 100-point scale. This choice is at the teacher’s discretion based on the course they teach and how they choose to design and score assignments and assessments. Both the 4-point scale and 100-point scale score students’ performance based on mastery of standards. Final grades continue to be reported as A-F letter grades for all courses.

Gradebooks are accessed through Canvas or Skyward, depending on the course.

In 2020-21, student performance in all secondary school courses (grades 6-12) will be reported using a 4-point grading scale.

In the scale below, you will see the ranges for both the 4-point and the 100-point scale.

Mastery Grading 4pt 100pt scale

As a developmental research school, we question existing practices in K-12 education, engage in research, and apply our learning for the benefit of students at P.K. Yonge and throughout the State of Florida.