P.K. Yonge, a unit in the College of Education of the University of Florida, was established in 1934 to be a center of educational innovation for students, K-12.

The Mission of a Developmental Research School

As described in the Sidney Martin Developmental Research School Act, the mission of a Developmental Research School is to serve as a vehicle for research, demonstration, and evaluation regarding teaching and learning while utilizing the resources available on a state university campus. The primary role of the school is to design, develop, evaluate, and disseminate exemplary programs of education.

To Conduct Research at P.K. Yonge

If you are interested in conducting educational research at P.K. Yonge:

Brian K. Marchman, Ph.D., P.K. Yonge Director and Superintendent |
Mickey MacDonald, Ed.D., Director of Research, Accountability, and Assessment |