There are many volunteers and parent sponsors actively making purchases (equipment, clothing, gifts, supplies, etc.) on behalf of groups at P.K. Yonge. In order to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible, please follow the procedures below:

Purchasing Procedures

Obtain Two Quotes

Please make sure you request two quotes and have each quote emailed to the appropriate teacher, club sponsor, or athletic director.  Please be sure to indicate which quote you would like to proceed with purchase from.

On the quote – P.K. Yonge should be indicated as the purchaser with the teacher, club sponsor or head coach’s name. Do not use your personal name or address on the quote.  This will allow the benefit of the UF tax exempt status and save the group money.

Notify the company that production can not begin until confirmed by the P.K. Yonge Business office.

All drinks must be ordered from Pepsi (per UF contract) in advance.

This includes water, Gatorade, soda. It is a breach of the UF/Pepsi contract to have any brand other than Pepsi served on campus.


The teacher, club sponsor or athletic director will complete all paperwork for purchase requests, including obtaining administrative approval – required before orders are placed and/or paid for.

Purchases that are not pre-approved cannot be committed and/or paid for, and reimbursements cannot be made.


Using the P.K. Yonge Logos

If you are planning to purchase items using the P.K. Yonge logo, please make sure that you have the correct logo and file required by the vendor (.jpg, .ai, .pdf, etc.).

Visit the Logos page for current logos and various file types. A vendor need not recreate the logo, as we have finalized files for vendor use. If any issues regarding logos are encountered, please contact the school to work with the vendor on a solution.