High School

Welcome to P.K. Yonge High School!

Grades 9-12 comprises 500 promising young people who represent the diversity of Florida and the 30+ communities in which they reside. This diversity provides rich opportunities to understand and embrace differences while acquiring extraordinary skills in communication and collaboration. Achievement, diversity, and individuality characterize P.K. Yonge students. Our high school students excel in academics, the arts, and athletics and are active participants in the myriad extracurricular activities the school provides.

The accomplishments of our high school students are recognized by the local community, the state, and national organizations. Highlights include: “Superior” and “Critic’s Choice” awards by the International Thespian Society, highly competitive marching band and athletic teams, gallery openings, gold and silver medals on the National Spanish Exam, and recognition as the Dodge FHSAA Floyd E. Lay Sunshine Cup All-Sports Award for more than ten consecutive years.


High School Program

The high school experience at P.K. Yonge is designed for students to explore their interests while realizing their intellectual potential. High school students are encouraged to “try it all” and explore their many talents and areas of knowledge in an accessible and supportive learning environment. Opportunities abound for exploration in science, math, social studies, English language arts, visual arts, performing arts, technology, engineering…and more!

The high school science pathway begins with biology in 9th grade, opening the door to more rigorous science courses earlier in students’ high school careers. Science is inquiry-based, and hands-on and provides students with many creative ways to learn inside and outside the classroom. High school courses offered include Marine Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Environmental Science, and AP Biology.

Students engage in rigorous mathematics coursework beginning in 9th grade with the benefit of having completed Algebra 1 in middle school. Classroom experiences are collaborative and students are supported in their development as strong mathematical thinkers. High school students have the opportunity to take rigorous, advanced courses including Statistics and Probability, Calculus, and AP courses as part of the high school math curriculum.

The high school English language arts (ELA) curriculum at P.K. Yonge is recognized nationally for alignment and rigor, diversity, and student empowerment. Students in our ELA classrooms engage in learning experiences driven by our four tenets: education should be rigorous, education should prepare students for a changing world, education should value and celebrate diversity, and education should empower students to make positive changes in their lives, their communities, and the world. In high school ELA, students engage in work that work bridges both ELA and social studies classrooms and includes opportunities for students to engage in integrated curricular units of study. AP courses are offered for juniors and seniors.


Students begin to expand their worldview through their social studies courses when they take AP Human Geography or World Cultural Geography in 9th grade. Social studies courses promote exploration and questioning through project-based experiences emphasizing foundational literacy skills critical to future academic endeavors. The high school social studies program includes World History, Comparative Politics, American Government, Macro-economics, Macro-economics, and US History, with AP options available for all courses.

Elective courses in high school are many and varied, with specialized elective classes offered in visual arts, performing arts, technology, engineering, and physical education. Students are encouraged to explore their interests in a wide variety of disciplines. Elective coursework provides opportunities for students to develop new perspectives as they evolve, both as learners, and as young adult contributors to their local communities.

Extra-curricular curricular activities abound for P.K. Yonge high school students – from Odyssey of the Mind, to Photography, to Speech and Debate and participating in our China exchange – students lives are busy and full. P.K. Yonge students are living examples of a well-rounded ‘whole child’ school experience.

High School Student Community

Students at P.K. Yonge embrace diversity. Lasting friendships bridge ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural lines and are commonplace in the P.K. Yonge community. The unique relationships help our students value individuality while also recognizing common threads of the human experience. Establishing a school culture where students from all backgrounds and circumstances come together to learn and grow in a positive, safe, and nurturing environment is a core part of P.K. Yonge’s mission and a source of pride for the school.

“That is so P.K.”, is a phrase heard often around campus as a descriptor of students and happenings at P.K. Yonge. You might hear this phrase uttered by a teacher in response to students inventing a unique solution to a problem that challenged their understanding. You might hear it pass between two students as they watch peers playing instruments and singing between classes. On the field, court, or track P.K. students are the first to congratulate rivals, offer a hand to assist a teammate, and thank coaches and parents.


P.K. Yonge students develop a sense of confidence in their unique abilities. The community sees them as clever, artistic, athletic, and intelligent. They are dynamic young people who make their school proud.

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9th - 12th Grade Classes