School Counseling

P.K. Yonge’s school counselors strive to provide the best school experience for the students they support. Our comprehensive counseling program supports students academic and social-emotional growth. Our counselors support and guide students as they make transitions from elementary, to middle, to high school and beyond.

Bryce Stevenson (Elementary) | Devin Bogart (Middle School)
Catherine Walker (9th/10th Grade High School) | Christie McElroy (11th/12th Grade High School and CTE Coordinator)

2023-24 P.K. Yonge School Counseling Newsletter

IMPORTANT  – P.K. Yonge Community Resource Guide

DCF Report Abuse Hotline: 1-800-962-2873
P.K. Yonge is committed to protecting students inside and outside of the classroom. Should you need to report harm being done to you or others, please call the Department of Children and Families Report Abuse Hotline: 1-800-962-2873.

Mental Health Resource Information

High School Counseling

Catherine Walker | 9th-10th School Counselor |
Christie McElroy | 11th-12th School Counselor & CTE Coordinator |

23-24 Freshman and Sophomore Parent/Student Night (PDF)
23-24 Junior Journey (PDF)
23-24 Senior Smart Start (PDF)
22-23 Dual Enrollment UF Seminar (PDF)

Bright Futures
Community Service Form
Community Service Opportunities
Dual Enrollment Interest Agreement 23-24
Financial Aid
Florida Shines
FLVS  (County= UF Lab School)
Graduation Requirements  | State | P.K.Yonge
Graduation | Policy for Walking
NCAA Eligibility
PE Waiver
Suicide Screening Tool
Testing (SAT, ACT, Concordance Scores)
Transcript / Records Release Request* (5 free, $5 each thereafter)
Virtual School Policy – See Policies and Publications

Middle School Counseling

Devin Bogart | 6th – 8th Grades |

Florida Shines
FLVS  (County= UF Lab School)
Transcript / Records Release Request * (5 free, $5 each thereafter) Virtual School Policy – See Policies and Publications

Elementary School Counseling

Bryce Stevenson | Kindergarten – 5th Grade |

*To request a transcript or academic records, complete the Transcript / Records Release Request form and bring to the Main Office, fax to #352-392-9559, or scan and email to Students over 18 years of age must submit their own requests. Please note, the first 5 transcripts are provided free of charge, each additional transcript thereafter is $5.00.