Student Parking

Parking is a privilege granted to students at P.K. Yonge who have a valid driver’s license. The Student Parking Permit Application form and supporting documents must be provided when payment is made to the Cashier. All information needed is provided in the Student Parking Permit Application.

Students planning to park on campus must purchase a parking permit within the first two weeks of school.

Students who come of driving age throughout the year may apply for parking permits at the Business Office.

Student Parking Application

Student Parking Permit Application form

Campus parking is a privilege afforded to students who possess a valid driver’s license and show exemplary character and responsibility.

Examples of exemplary character and responsibility include: promptness to school and class, consistent attendance, behaviors that are conducive to teaching and learning. In order for students to maintain parking privileges, they must meet the expectations for behavior as described in the Code of Student Conduct. Seniors are afforded preferential parking and this privilege comes with added responsibilities.

In order to be allowed to park on campus, a student must:

1. Show valid driver’s license
2. Provide current insurance card
3. Provide current vehicle registration
4. Pay $25 fee

When families apply for students to park on campus, they agree to the following conditions:

They certify that they have read the “Driving/Parking on Campus” section of the Code of Student Conduct. They understand the expectations described in the of Student Conduct and have review them with their child/parent/guardian.

They understand the responsibilities and rights that pertain to parking privileges at P.K. Yonge.

They accept that parking privileges may be revoked at the discretion of school administration at any time.