Dates 24-25

For a comprehensive view of school events, event times, special dismissal times, and other details regarding school activities, please check the School Calendar. Changes and updates to published dates will be shared with families via email, on the Announcements page, and on the P.K. Yonge Facebook page.

The 2024-25 Calendar is now available.

In the event of school cancellations due to hurricanes or other emergencies, additional days will be identified if more than six (6) school days are canceled.

Please review dates carefully. Dates for the P.K. Yonge school year are slightly different from dates published for Alachua County Public Schools.

Dates are provided below and in the Important Dates 2024-2025 Googledoc. To save or print: File–>Download as PDF

Fall 2024

July 31 – August 1 Back-to-School Teacher Symposium
August 2, 5-9 Teacher Professional Learning and Pre-Planning
August 12 First Day of School
August 28 Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
September 2    Holiday (Student + Teacher) | Labor Day
September 18 Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
October 9 Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
October 10 Holiday (Student) | Teacher Work Day 
October 11 Holiday (Student) | Teacher Inquiries and Investigations Showcase
October 18 Holiday (Student + Teacher) | UF Homecoming 
October 21 Alachua County Public School Holiday, P.K. Yonge School Day
November 6 Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
November 11 Holiday (Student + Teacher) | Veteran’s Day (observed)
November 25-29 Holiday | Thanksgiving Break
December 11 Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
December 19 Grades K-12 Early Release day, 1:40 pm dismissal
December 20 Holiday (Student) | Teacher Work Day 
December 23-January 3 Holiday | Winter Break

Spring 2025

January 6-7 Holiday (Student) | Teacher Work Day + Professional Learning
January 8 First Day of Second Semester
January 15  Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
January 17 Alachua County Public School Holiday, P.K. Yonge School Day
January 20 Holiday (Student + Teacher) | Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 12  Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
February 14 Alachua County Public School Holiday, P.K. Yonge School Day
February 17 Holiday (Student + Teacher) | Presidents Day
March 12 Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
March 14 Elementary Family Picnic
March 17-21 Holiday | Spring Break
March 24 Holiday (Student) | Teacher Work Day
March 31 Alachua County Public School Holiday, P.K. Yonge School Day
April 2  Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
April 18 Holiday (Student + Teacher) | Spring Release Day
April 21 Holiday (Student + Teacher) | Spring Release Day
April 30 Grades 8-12 E-Learning Day
May 26 Holiday (Student + Teacher) | Memorial Day
May 27-28 K-12 Early Dismissal, 1:40 pm dismissal 
May 28 End of Second Semester | Last Day for Students
May 29-30 End of Year Teacher Professional Learning and Post Planning
June 2 – June 30 Summer School Programs (SAIL, Math Camp, Credit Recovery)