Tennis (Boys)

2019-2020 Season
**Be sure to read ‘2019/2020 Welcome & Vital Info’ Message in the Resources section below!

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I am looking forward to another great season with everyone this year. If you know of any students who are tennis players and would like to be added to this listerv, have them email me at

You can check out specific information from the FHSAA here:

Also, here are some important items to do/know about prior to the season:

  • Our first practice will be the week of January 20st
  • I am still working on the season practice/match schedule. It will post here when completed.
  • Players MUST have an up-to-date FHSAA Physical form filled out and on file with PK before ANY practice/match participation can occur.
    • These can be turned in at the front office or at the gym to Coach Barrett/Coach Brunson.
  • I will be coaching the Boys & Girls Teams, along with Asst. Coach Matt Miller. I am looking for a second Asst. Coach. If you or someone you know is available as a second  Asst. Coach, let me know!

Practice Info:

  • Practices will be held at the Jonesville Tennis Center (JTC), located in NW Gainesville. As this is quite a ride from PK, I suggest players/parents getting together to talk about carpool options. Practice will start at 3:45pm and finish at 5:30pm.
  • PLEASE be prompt with pick-up from practice. Family is welcome to come watch practice or come in a bit before we end to see what’s going on. We will NOT leave a player alone, but we do have families to  attend to of our own. 🙂
  • Players are welcome to wear anything they feel comfortable in—including of course tennis shoes.
  • JTC courts are clay (for anyone wondering).
  • We will do our BEST each practice to provide opportunities for players of all levels to participate. This includes drills, games, conditioning, etc.. Sometimes players will be organized by skill level, other times for match-practice, and so forth.
  • Our expectation is that ALL players support each other’s growth, keep things positive on the court, and encourage effort.

Match Info:

  • Many of our matches will take place in Gainesville. On match days we will need players/families to work on carpooling. For any matches that are outside of Gainesville, we will usually provide transportation (van/bus). Parents are encouraged to come watch + cheer, and then can pick-up after the match, or meet us back at PK that evening.

**If you would like to add our team Google Calendar to your own, click on the + icon at the bottom right of the calendar below. All practices, matches, and important dates will be added to this calendar.


2019-2020 Practice & Match Schedules are under Resources section of our website. (if not there, then they are not posted yet)

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