The administration of P.K. Yonge is keenly focused on fostering the development of a school community that strives to meet the needs of all children. This focus is rooted in the belief that all children are of unique value and, therefore, have unique needs.

P.K. Yonge is governed by the University of Florida Board of Trustees and entrusts the P.K. Yonge director to oversee school operations and school budgets. The school is administered by a director, a principal, three assistant principals and two deans.

Director – Lynda Fender Hayes, Ph.D.

P.K. Yonge’s Director reports to the Dean of the University of Florida College of Education. The Director is responsible for leading and developing a robust research agenda and the outreach mission of the school. The Director works with interested research and development partners on grant applications and awards and designing a  research effort that supports and informs program development at P.K. Yonge. The Director manages the school budget and leads fundraising and communications efforts.


Principal – Carrie Geiger, Ed.D.

P.K. Yonge’s Principal is responsible for leading the school programs for our students and faculty. The Principal works with the school leadership team to provide direct support to the teaching faculty, students, and parents. The principal provides leadership and oversight for the Assistant Principals, Deans, and the Faculty.


Assistant Principal, Academic Advisement and Counseling – Jennifer Farnsworth

The Assistant Principal of Academic Advisement and School Counseling is responsible for leading P.K. Yonge’s school counseling programs, special education services, and admissions, This position works closely with our secondary school counselors to provide a robust academic advisement program for our students—including dual enrollment and virtual school options, high school graduation planning, and support for post-secondary pursuits including college/university and financial aid applications, workforce certification interests, and career planning.


Assistant Principal – Ryan Mitchell

As Assistant Principal at P.K Yonge, Ryan’s areas of responsibility include curriculum and instruction, specialized math support, and oversight of virtual and online learning. Assistant Principals at P.K. Yonge work with the leadership team to provide support to teaching faculty, students, and parents.




Dean of Students – John Bourn

The Dean of Students works closely with the Principal, Assistant Principals, other school personnel, and students to build and maintain a positive, safe school climate. Manages and enforces school behavioral expectations; confers with students, parents, and teachers regarding student-related policies; serves as a resource to faculty/staff regarding student management issues; collaborates with faculty/staff, administrators, and parents through the RtI process.