Peek Across the Creek

Peek Across the Creek

Tumblin’ Creek is a central landmark of P.K. Yonge. It runs right through the middle of our campus; on one side of the creek is our elementary school and on the other side of our creek is the secondary school.

For decades, there has been a tradition of “crossing the creek” for our 5th grade students at the end of the elementary school career. This signifies the beginning of the next chapter of their lives as 6th graders–secondary students who learn across the creek from the elementary school. This time of transition is a big one, and there is lots to know and learn about so students and families feel prepared to make the transition from elementary to middle school.

For 2023, we are updating our Peek Across the Creek agenda to include a series of smaller campus events for students, webinars for parents, and a culmination event for students and parents to be together.

5th grade students will be able to experience the following:

  • January/February – 4/5 learning community visits 6th grade classes during Wheel Wednesdays
  • February – Panel of 6th grade students and teachers in the secondary commons during 5th grade lunch and recess to answer questions
  • March – Secondary counselors meet with 5th graders
  • March/April – Secondary tours during Wheel Wednesdays to visit athletics, performing arts, engineering, computer science, entrepreneurship, clubs
  • May 24 – Crossing the Creek
  • July/August – 6th grade 2-day orientation camp

Parents will experience the following:

  • January – Parent recorded webinar: Peek Across the Creek
  • March – Parent webinar: 6th Grade On-Ramps & Staying Connected
  • May 24 – Crossing the Creek

Parent Webinar: Peek Across the Creek

Save the Date

Parent Webinar: 6th Grade Programs

Save the Date: 6th Grade Orientation

6th Grade Orientation

August 7, 2023