Behavior & Discipline

At P.K.Yonge, our philosophy on discipline stems from the understanding that students make choices regarding their behavior. In the event that a student makes a choice that isn’t acceptable for school, it is our responsibility to help them correct that behavior and make better future choices.

Driven by our commitment to equity, we believe that discipline should be fair and restorative and be based on input from behavior coaches, faculty, staff, families and students.

Each of us plays an important role in student discipline. Behavior coaches, faculty, staff, families and students work as partners to support students in creating sustainable changes in behavior.

Elementary Behavior Coach – Jeremey Ahlgren

Secondary Behavior Coach – Rob Brunson


  • Maximize student time engaged in learning
  • Minimize disruption to the learning environment
  • Support social-emotional and academic development
  • Strengthen partnerships between teachers, administration and families on behalf of students
  • Engage in collaborative problem solving