Four-point Grading

What’s the problem with a 100-point scale?
A 100-point scale embedded in a system that averages scores over a prescribed time period, penalizes students who need more time, and promotes a “just enough points to pass” mindset.

What’s the solution?
A 4-point scale embedded in a system that indicates level of knowledge and skill, reflects growth over time, and rewards perseverance and mastery.

What’s the difference?
A 100-point system emphasizes task completion, values accruing points, and penalizes students still in the process of acquiring knowledge and skill. The 4-point system focuses on mastery, recognizes growth over time, and rewards students for staying engaged in the learning process.

What stays the same?
The 4-point mastery-based scale generates a letter grade (A,B,C,D,F) for every course and produces a GPA for every student.

At P.K. Yonge...

Since 2009, classroom-based research efforts and pilot projects have focused on developing and implementing a grading system that provides timely and accurate information about mastery of essential learning goals.  Students are provided personalized support and focus their efforts on learning and mastery, not mere task completion.

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