Senior Research Spring 2023 Award Winners

May 8, 2023

The Senior Research Spring 2023 students presented their projects in April.  Students conducted research, wrote papers, and presented their research to a group of judges.

Most Reliable Sources | Tupelo Hostetler | Psychology of Climate Change Communication

“I’ve been interested in climate psychology since 10th grade, and I wanted to learn more about the psychology of climate change communication. We have solutions to the climate crisis that we need to implement before the end of the decade. However, many Americans and politicians deny climate science or are apathetic about action. I learned that introducing more effective methods of communication to replace fear or shame-based messaging, such as empathetic conversations that connect on core values, can help increase understanding and motivate climate action. After high school, I hope to study climate psychology and continue to advocate for environmental justice.”

Best Subject Matter Expert Interview | Keonti Watson | Sibling Separation and the Florida Foster Care System

“How does sibling separation in Florida foster care affect the mental health of children? I chose this topic because, at a young age, my siblings and I were separated and raised in different homes. I wanted to use my senior research project as an opportunity to shed light on things that go on behind the scenes and to share information on the effects sibling separation can have on not only the child but the entire family. I think it is essential to talk more about the mental health of siblings who are separated from one another. Sibling separations come with many downsides regarding children’s mental health, like depression and anxiety. This is a crucial topic that has to be addressed more in order for Florida to improve the general wellbeing of children in the foster care system.”

Most Informative Infographic| Meghana Mandalapu | Gender Affirming Healthcare in Florida

“I have always been invested in healthcare, ever since I was young. Recently, with new legislation, when we had to choose a question, I knew that I wanted to work with research of care coverage, insurance, and legality. I wanted to be able to understand the language and impact of the new legislation in Florida, on both healthcare workers and young people. After high school, I plan to continue studying in the medical field and advocating for equal availability of care.”

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