Announcements – Thursday, April 18

April 18, 2024

Good morning, Blue Wave. Today is Thursday, April 18th.

Z to A Countdown

Today begins the Z to A countdown in elementary school.  It’s Z day today, so you may see folks walking around in zebra stripes.  Monday is Y day, so if you’d like to participate, wear Yellow on Monday!


All UNICEF members please remember our meeting today during lunch and our school clean up day is today after school. 

Scented Pencils Fundraiser

6th grade will be selling scented pencils and stickers during middle school lunch this week. The price of the scrumptious scented pencils are $2 each or 3 for $5 and stickers are 50 cents a piece. 


If you were invited to apply for the National Honor Society, applications are due Monday April 22 at 3pm! If you have any questions please see Dr. Bolejack.

Powder Buff

Today’s Powder Buff volleyball game will take place at 11:40.  Students must show tickets to teachers before being released to the gym at 11:35.  You will report to lunch after the game, so take your things with you.  Teachers, please see the list of players and helpers in your email; they should be released at 11:20.


Hey PK! It’s time to celebrate the silver lining with prom season and it’s time for juniors and seniors to get their tickets. Ticket sales for our prom on May 18th are officially open on the HomeTown ticketing app for $65 through this month, prices increase to $75 in May, and sales close completely on May 15th. Scan the QR code that is accessible on flyers, the TVs, and the bluewavestudentgov Instagram to get to HomeTown ticketing. Again, ticket prices increase to $75 starting in May, and sales close completely on May 15th. Make sure to get your 65 dollar ticket any day in April or your $75 ticket starting May 1st-May 15th. We’ll see you on the dance floor, Blue Wave!

Student Government

Still interested in being a part of Student Government? Applications are now open for grade level representatives. Information sheets and contracts are available in the front office. Contracts are due back to Mrs. Koppitch by Thursday, April 18th. You will receive a link for an application once we receive your contract. Interviews will take place April 25th-30th. Questions? Ask a Student Government member or Mrs. Koppitch

Bragging Rights Fundraiser

Hey, PK! Guess What? No School Tomorrow! That means the weekend starts tonight!  Come celebrate the long weekend at the PK Yonge Family Night at Bragging Rights Arcade TODAY. Stop in any time between 3pm and 10pm. Be sure to mention P.K. Yonge and 40% of your ticket will come right back to support the 8th Grade End of Year Celebrations! 

 Did you hear Mrs. V. and Grandma Weller saying that they could beat Luke Sparkman and Matthew Green at Virtual Baseball Pro? 

 No, but I did hear that the girls basketball team guaranteed they would outscore the boys basketball team at Slam N Jam Basketball. 


 Join us at Bragging Rights Arcade on TODAY anytime between 3pm and 10pm to find out who will walk out of Florida’s largest classic arcade with…you guessed it…Bragging Rights.  Remember to bring family and friends and be sure to mention P.K. Yonge!


Please pause for a moment of silence: 

Please stand for the pledge: 

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 

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