2025 Teachers of the Year

November 15, 2023

P.K. Yonge is pleased to announce our school divisional and district Teachers of the Year.

  • 2025 District Teacher of the Year: Sara Montgomery
  • 2025 Secondary School Teacher of the Year: Sara Montgomery
  • 2025 Elementary School Teacher of the Year: Deidre Dodd

Sara Montgomery

As the 6th grade science instructor, Sara has shown herself as a willing leader of colleagues, a contributing member of professional groups, and a strong ally to meet the needs of children at PK Yonge. 

As the grade level leader for 6th grade, Sara has successfully led the team through transition and turnover. “Sara creates a welcoming environment during grade level meeting times, practicing what we as educators attempt to do in our classrooms. She builds community by creating space to share thoughts, feelings, and concerns in a professional manner while managing to simultaneously navigate the checklist for meetings.” 

Sara works to support the students at PK Yonge and make sure they feel included, safe, and supported. Sara advocated and worked tirelessly to bring What I Need (WIN) Wednesday back to the middle school schedule. This has been an advantageous time for students to catch up on missing work or receive extra support. She also supports students as an extracurricular club sponsor for many different clubs – Middle School GSA, MS Book Club, and Anime Club. 

Sara serves in leadership capacities throughout school including as a member of Faculty Policy Council and the school calendar committee. 

Sara contributes to our PKY research mission by participating in multiple research groups and faculty groups. This year, she joined an AI project. 

Sara has been a member of the Blue Wave faculty since 2014. She has taught in the ⅘ Learning Community and in 6th Grade. Sara earned her master’s degree in 2017 from the University of Florida. 

Deidre Dodd 

Deidre Dodd always brings a positive attitude to her interactions with students, parents, and staff. Dodd serves as the K-12 Speech and Language Pathologist; however, she spends the majority of her time supporting elementary students. 

Deidre can explain the unique needs of a child to a team, so that all understand the areas of concern and how a speech or language impairment is impacting the student’s progress in learning. She develops a plan for improvement and celebrates accomplishments. 

“On more than one occasion, I have witnessed when a student, who has met criteria for dismissal from Speech/Language services, has requested not to be dismissed, still wanting to have that connection with Ms. Dodd.” 

Deidre has an ease in making connections with students, their families and the teachers across all grade levels. 

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