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Below find agendas, minutes, and documents from past years. For current school year agendas and minutes, visit the main School Advisory Council page.


SAC Agendas | Minutes | Documents 2019-20

Download: School Advisory Council Membershi9 2019-20

Month Agenda Minutes Documents
September Agenda Minutes School Advisory Council 2019-20
Travel Request
October Agenda Minutes Travel Requests
November Agenda Minutes Funding Application – Roberts 2019
February Agenda Minutes Funding Applications – Brown, Santiago
Presentation: 20-21 Course Schedule & School Day
March Agenda Minutes Proposed School Calendar 2020-21
April Agenda Minutes Proposed Activity Fee Budget 2020-2021


SAC Agendas | Minutes | Documents 2018-19


Month Agenda Minutes Documents
September Agenda Minutes Faculty Travel Policy Revision- Proposal
Faculty Travel Applications Sept 2018
School Advisory Council 2018-19
October Agenda Minutes
November Agenda Minutes SIP – Supplemental Notes
Funding Application
January Agenda Minutes
February Agenda Meeting XLD
March Agenda Minutes Calendar Proposal 2019-20
April Agenda Minutes Proposed Activity Fee Budget 2019-20


SAC Agendas | Minutes | Documents 2017-18

School Advisory Council Membership – SAC Membership 2017-18

Month Agenda Minutes Documents
August Agenda Minutes
September Agenda Minutes
October Agenda Minutes
November Agenda Minutes Power Hour Survey
December No Meeting No Meeting
January Agenda Minutes
February Agenda Minutes
March Agenda Minutes
April Agenda Minutes Activity Fee Budget 2018-19
May No Meeting No Meeting


SAC Agendas | Minutes | Documents 2016-17

School Advisory Council Members – SAC Membership 2016-17

August SAC Agenda Aug. 2016 SAC Minutes Aug. 2016
September SAC Agenda Sept. 2016 SAC Minutes Sept. 2016
October SAC Agenda Oct. 2016 SAC Minutes Oct. 2016
November SAC Agenda Nov. 2016 SAC Minutes Nov. 2016
December No meeting
January SAC Agenda Jan. 2017 SAC Minutes Jan. 2017
February SAC Agenda Feb. 2017? Meeting Cancelled Proposed Calendar 2017-2018
March SAC Agenda March 2017 SAC Minutes March 2017 Proposed Calendar 2017-2018
April SAC Agenda April 2017 SAC Minutes April 2017 PKY Activity Fees – Proposed Amendment
May SAC Agenda May 2017 SAC Minutes May 2017 Travel Policy (Faculty) 1718 | PKY SAC Travel Funding Application FPC_04212017 | PKY Activity Fees Budget Proposal 2017-18 | PKY Proposed Schedules 2017-18


SAC Agendas | Minutes | Documents 2015-16

School Advisory Council Members – SAC Members 2015-16

 August  SAC Agenda Aug. 2015  SAC Minutes Aug. 2015  Activity Fee Definitions
 September SAC Agenda Sept. 2015  SAC Minutes Sept. 2015 School Improvement Plan – draft
 October  SAC Agenda Oct. 2015  SAC Minutes Oct. 2015
 November  SAC Agenda Nov. 2015  SAC Minutes Nov. 2015
 January  SAC Agenda Jan. 2016  SAC Minutes Jan. 2016 Standards-based Grading Presentation
 February  SAC Agenda Feb. 2016  SAC Minutes Feb. 2016 School Calendar – proposed – 2016-17
 April SAC Agenda Apr. 2016  SAC Minutes Apr. 2016
 May SAC Agenda May 2016 SAC Minutes May 2016 Activity Fee Approved Budget 2016-17

SAC Agendas | Minutes | Documents 2014-15

September SAC Agenda Sept. 2014 SAC Minutes Sept. 2014 Activity Fee Budget 2014-15
October SAC Agenda Oct. 2014 SAC Minutes Oct. 2014
November SAC Agenda Nov. 2014  School Improvement Plan 2014-15
January SAC Agenda Jan. 2015 SAC Minutes Jan. 2015 MTSS Presentation
February SAC Agenda Feb. 2015 SAC Minutes Feb. 2015 Digital Classrooms | Branding Presentation 2015
April SAC Agenda Apr. 2015 SAC Minutes Apr. 2015 Proposed Calendar 2015-16
May SAC Agenda May 2015

SAC Agendas | Minutes | Documents 2013-14

August SAC Agenda Aug. 2013 SAC Minutes Aug. 2013
September SAC Agenda Sept. 2013
October SAC Agenda Oct. 2013 SAC Minutes Oct. 2013
November SAC Agenda Nov. 2013 SAC Minutes Nov. 2013
January SAC Agenda Jan. 2014 SAC Minutes Jan. 2013
February SAC Agenda Feb. 2014 SAC Minutes Feb. 2014
March SAC Agenda Mar. 2014
April SAC Agenda Apr. 2014 SAC Minutes Apr. 2014
May SAC Agenda May 2014 SAC Minutes May 2014