Clubs at P.K. Yonge are many and varied, largely due to the generosity and commitment of members of faculty. Faculty interested in proposing a club can complete a Club Request.

Supplements are provided for club sponsors and are dependent on the level of commitment and responsibilities required by club activities.


Determine the following:

  • Club Name
  • Club Purpose (including clarifications such as interest, service, competitive)*
  • Grade Level(s) Served
  • Meeting Frequency (weekly, twice weekly, monthly, twice monthly)
  • Length of Club Meeting
  • When the Club Meets  (after school, lunch, both lunch and after school)


  • For a club to continue to be considered “active” there should be a minimum of 10 participating students.

Club Sponsor Responsibilities (If receiving a supplement).

Club Sponsors receiving a supplement are required to do the following:

  • Develop and maintain a presence on the school website
  • Require club participants to submit a student application signed by parent/guardian, kept on file by club sponsor
  • Maintain Club Roster and Activity Log. Make a copy of the linked Googledoc and share it with Carrie Geiger. This document will be reviewed on the last school day of each month.

Club Sponsor supplements are funded through Activity Fees as follows:

  • < 2 hours per month = $600
  • 2+ hours per month = $800
  • Competitive Clubs requiring weekends, fundraising, and much longer hours for the school year = $1,000/$1,500

Individual letters listing all supplements will be distributed in September for individual confirmation and review. (If you find that a sponsorship and supplement are missing, please make a note and return to Amy Neal for further review.)


Visit the Fundraising page prior to planning any fundraising activities in order to clarify policies and procedures regarding fundraising

*** No Candy Sales *** are permitted for fundraising


Club Request Form
Club Roster and Activity Log