Complete the Fundraising Proposal and submit it to administration at least 2 weeks prior to the proposed event.

Once approved, administration will submit it for placement on the activities calendar. It is important to get all such activities on the school calendar in order to eliminate conflict in seeking support for the individual activities.


  • *** No Candy Sales *** are permitted for fundraising
  • All monies received through fundraising must be handled following audit-approved procedures.
  • The State of Florida requires that sales tax be paid on items that are purchased for resale in fundraising. The easiest thing to do is to pay the sales tax when the items are purchased from the vendor.
  • Do not store money from fundraising activities in your office or file cabinet unless you can securely lock the area.


Special Activity Requests

Before completing the Fundraising Proposal, complete the Field Trip Special Activity Request for administrator approval. Once approved, follow the fundraising procedures.


Logging Revenue

Please make sure the Business Office is aware well in advance of all monies you plan to collect and any expectations you have for requesting checks to pay for these functions.

A check to pay for anything in advance (entrance fees, food for functions etc.) should be requested with appropriate documentation (invoice) etc. a minimum of 8 working days in advance.

If you have any questions, concerns please contact the Business Office for help.

Instructions on how to receive checks and cash must be obtained directly from the Business Office to ensure appropriate procedures. Further instruction on how to provide receipts will be given when you pick up a receipt book.

  • Deposits must be made between 7:30 am -3:30 pm.
  • All deposits/transfers of money collected for any purpose on the campus must be made in person weekly or when $500 is reached, whichever occurs first.
  • Each transfer of money requires a signed receipt from the person receiving the funds.
    • Do not pass off cash/checks and receipts in a mailbox or to personnel not willing to give you an official receipt and/or take responsibility for its safekeeping.
    • Money may only be logged by a University of Florida employee (NO STUDENTS OR INTERNS). OPS, or Aides are permitted to receipt money.
  • Make sure all checks are complete (Signature, Date, Payee, dollar amounts, no altered checks, etc.).
    • Checks must be made out to the University of Florida.
    • Checks must be drawn on a US bank in US dollars.
    • All checks must be endorsed as they are received.
  • If you are depositing coins, group like coins together in separate envelopes.
  • As soon as you have deposited the last of the monies you are collecting for a function, turn in all unused funds, and receipt books.