Please refer to the Travel Policy – Faculty for information regarding faculty professional travel. Visit Grants and Funding for information and application forms for travel requests.

Before Your Trip

Complete the Travel Request Form and submit to administration if you are spending the night or requesting any type of reimbursement.

Complete the Application for Leave form [ staff | faculty ] if you will be traveling to a conference where you will not spend the night and where no reimbursement is being requested.  Submit the completed form to Heather Robinson in the Business Office – | 352.294.9093

If you are a faculty member and your trip is during the school year, the Faculty Leave Application form to request a substitute must be completed and submitted to Heather Robinson | – check Arranging for Substitute.

Submit a school vehicle request online. P.K. Yonge vehicles include buses, vans, and a car.

Please do not register for any workshop, conference, or commit to other travel by phone, fax or online.

We are able to pre-pay airfare or registrations fees, if paperwork is submitted and approved several weeks before you plan to travel. Work closely with Dawn Szymanski – | 352.294.9092 – if you are requesting any prepaid travel expenses.

If your trip requires a hotel stay, you will receive an email from the Business Office with confirmation of your reservation and payment. Be certain to bring this with you.

During Your Trip

School vehicles are used for travel to school-related conferences, meetings and workshops. If personal vehicles are used when a school vehicle is available, mileage will not be reimbursed.

If the school vehicle you are planning to use needs gas before your departure, you may obtain fuel with no out of pocket costs at Motor Pool with your Gator 1 Card. If out of town, submit your receipt along with your reimbursement request. You cannot be reimbursed without a receipt.

If your trip includes the payment of highway tolls, be certain to get a receipt as you pass through the toll booth – submit your receipts with the travel information upon your return and you will be reimbursed.

Meals are reimbursed, on overnight travel, according to the following time frame: breakfast can be claimed when travel begins before 6:00 am and extends beyond 8:00 am ($6.00); lunch when travel begins before 12:00 noon and extends beyond 2:00 pm ($11.00); dinner when travel begins before 6:00 pm and extends beyond 8:00 pm ($19.00).

Do not claim meals if they were provided as part of your conference.

After Your Trip

You must submit Travel Reimbursement Form and accompanying documents and receipts completed within five days after returning from your trip with receipts.

Submit all documentation to Dawn Szymanski in the Business Office – | 352.294.9092. Your information must include anything important about your trip, including everything that needs to be listed on the travel voucher form. It must include the following, but is not limited to:

  • A copy of the completed registration form, indicating the registration fee
    The correct date and time of your departure and return
  • Your destination and the purpose of your trip
  • A listing of what you want reimbursed (amounts too, if you know what they are)
  • The brochure of the meeting you attended with the agenda
  • Cross references to other travelers who went to the same event or location, and the items that were shared (i.e. automobile rides or hotel rooms)
  • Receipts for tolls, taxis, hotels, parking, and other related expenses
  • Receipts for anything that was paid in advance

Once all of this information has been collected, provide hard copies to Dawn Szymanski in the Business Office. Make sure to make copies of the documents for your files.