Arrange for Substitute

Our goal is to maintain a vibrant academic institution where students are consistently engaged in learning while prioritizing our faculty’s health and professional goals.

If you are planning a pre-arranged absence, including Temporary Duty Elsewhere (TDE) complete the Faculty Leave Application and email the form to in the Business Office.

Your leave balances are available at (Main Menu>My Self Service>Payroll and Compensation>UF Leave History).  Heather Robinson will notify you if your leave balance is low.


To Request a Substitute Teacher


1. Let Us Know

  • Pre-Arranged Absence:
    Submit a faculty leave form to
    Administrative approval will be handle AFTER you submit your faculty leave form.
  • Unplanned Absence:
    Before 6:00am., email
    After 6:00am, send Heather Robinson a TEAMS message or call 352.294.9093 and leave a message.
    Last-minute absences will be shared with Administration.
    Email your completed leave form(s) to (required for payroll, DOE reporting).
    Provide exact location of class roster and seating chart. For example: emailed, on teacher’s desk in classroom, etc.
    Emergency procedures (tornado, fire, lockdown)


2. Submit Sub Plans

  • Send via email to For assurance, you may copy Carrie Geiger.
  • Leave a printed copy of your plans on your desk.  Heather Robinson can print them for you in case of emergency.  Please prepare your room as much as possible.


    Checklist for Sub Plans

  • Schedule for the day including lunch
  • Seating chart
  • Relevant notes about students
  • Simple, realistic instructional plans


Optional: Leave feedback.

Emergency sub plans:  Each teacher is required to submit at least two days of emergency sub plans by the Friday before the first day of school.

For secondary, please print and place in an obvious place in your office (for example, the top drawer) and email them to

For elementary, please print and place in an obvious place in your LC and email them to your Learning Community Leader.

Access will be provided to classrooms.