A Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) reflects a seamless system wherein multiple levels of academic and behavior supports are provided to students based on student need. See: MTSS (Multi-tiered System of Supports) Handbook

The Tiers of MTSS

Three tiers describe the level and intensity of the instruction/interventions provided across the continuum. The three tiers are not, conversely, used to describe categories of students or specific instructional programs. The three tiers are characterized as follows:

Tier 1: Core Universal Instruction and Supports
  • General academic and behavior instruction and support designed and differentiated for all students in all settings
Tier 2: Targeted Supplemental Interventions and Supports
  • More focused, targeted instruction/intervention and supplemental support in addition to and aligned with the core academic and behavior curriculum and instruction
Tier 3: Intensive Individualized Interventions and Supports
  • The most intense (increased time, narrowed focus, reduced group size) instruction and intervention based upon individual student need provided in addition to and aligned with core and supplemental academic and behavior, curriculum, instruction, and supports

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Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Handbook