Skyward must be regularly maintained (within a 2-week period) as documentation of student progress.

  • These records are legal documents, which may be called for in court proceedings as well as FTE audits.

Grading and Reporting Agreements

Report cards are distributed.

  • Parents may also check Skyward online at any time.
  • Report cards are printed and distributed to teachers by administration.

Class requirements and grading policies are shared with parents and students at the start of each semester and on a regular basis throughout the semester.

  • The syllabus provided at the start of each course should provide specific information as to weights assigned to projects and criteria for determining specific grade values.

Any professional must be able to replicate the teacher’s grade or assessment of the child’s work after reading the criteria and guidelines.


If students are falling behind in work or grades, parents MUST be informed at least once between the official reporting periods.

Parent requests and contacts should always be answered in a timely fashion

  • within 24 hours, when possible.
  • Homework and home expectations should be updated frequently.
  • If any issues arise that need administrative input, the principal will work with the teacher for resolution with the parents.


Printing Reports

Secondary Progress Report – 1st Period Class