Field Trips

Funding for field trips is provided through the Activity Fee and the School Advisory Council (SAC) determines how much money is assigned to each grade level.  Buses and drivers are covered in the Activity Fee and do not have to be paid with any grade level monies.

Procedures for Field Trips/Special Activity requests are outlined below.

At any point if your field trip is canceled, please be sure to cancel your bus request via email to Amy Neal – – notify the Cafeteria, Administration, Business Office, parents and chaperones.

No Later than Four Weeks Prior to Trip

Complete the following documents:

  • Field Trip Special Activity Request – submit to Marcus McDonald
  • Chaperone Request
  • Field Trip Permission
  • Check vehicle availability and make vehicle reservations: bus/vehicle request (Username: faculty Password: bluewave). If there is no vehicle available, please choose a different date for your field trip. If your Field Trip is canceled, please cancel you vehicle reservation IMMEDIATELY.
    • P. K. Yonge owns three school buses:
      • # 2071 – 44 capacity, #3566 – 55 capacity, #4976- 55 capacity
    • P.K. Yonge owns two vans 8-person capacity (7 passengers and one driver)
    • P.K. Yonge owns one Toyota Camry (4 passengers and one driver)

Requests will be discussed at the weekly logistics meeting on the Wednesday after your request is turned in.

Copies of approved requests will be placed in your mailbox by Friday following the meeting in which the event was discussed/approved.

No Later Than Three Weeks Prior to Trip

Once you have received verification that the field trip was approved.

  • Your field trip request will be returned.
  • Complete the leave application form for temporary duty elsewhere (TDE) for all faculty chaperones and submit to the Business Office.
  • Provide students with Field Trip Permission
  • Make arrangements with the Business Office for receipt books/check logs if needed.
  • Make sure the Business Office is aware well in advance of all monies you plan to collect and any expectations you have for requesting checks to pay for these functions.

Two Weeks Prior to Trip

  • Please make sure all funds are submitted to the Business Office no later than two weeks prior to the trip.
  • Request check to pay for anything in advance (entrance fees, food for functions etc.) with appropriate documentation (invoice) etc. a minimum of 8 working days in advance.
  • Confirm number of students, teachers and chaperones going on the trip.
    ALL money must be collected and deposited with the Business Office. If this does not happen the trip will be cancelled-no exceptions.
  • Notify all teachers, attendance office, and the nurse of the date of the trip and students that are going on the trip.
  • Contact the nurse with a list of students that are attending the trip to see if any require medication while on the trip.
  • Contact the cafeteria to let them know that you will be taking the students on a trip and arrange for any meals that you need to take with you.
  • Chaperone list must be provided to the Front Office. All chaperones must have security screening through the main office. Generally, the student to chaperone ratio must be 15:1 for secondary and 10:1 for elementary.

Day of the Trip

  • Before leaving, turn a copy of the permission slips into the front office.
  • Prior to departure (either by email or hand-delivery), the administrator must receive a list of students actually attending the trip and a bus roster for each bus and/or vehicle.
  • The sponsor must take a copy of the permission slips with them on the trip should the need arise to contact a parent.
  • Obtain list of emergency contacts from Skyward.
  • If you are delayed in returning call the school immediately so that parents waiting will know.
    • Also, if you are returning after school hours and are delayed you must have a contact person that is on campus and can inform parents and the after school program (692-3007) of the delay.
    • After 5:30 call the university police 392-1111 and ask them to come to campus and let waiting parents know about the delay.

At any point if your field trip is canceled, please be sure to cancel your bus request via email to Amy Neal – – notify the cafeteria, administration, business office, parents and chaperones.