Copiers are located in the 2/3 fishbowl (faculty office) in the elementary building, in each fishbowl in the secondary building, and there is a large copier in the Main Office in the secondary building.

Paper Requests
When your area begins to run low on paper (e.g., only a few reams left), email
Specify the area you are requesting paper for (e.g. first floor blue fishbowl).
Student aides will deliver paper to your area.
Please give 24 hours notice.

Printer/Copier Jams
If your printer/copier jams, there are three courses of action, listed below in order of quickest fix.

1.  Follow the on-screen directions
2.  Call the Xerox number for direct support 1-800-226-6482.
Make sure you have the number listed on the printer readily available – it usually starts UF or T.
3. Send a DETAILED help ticket to
Tickets are managed in the order in which they are received. Help will be provided as quickly as possible.