The school nurse is located in the clinic on the ground floor of the elementary building, 352-294-7293,

The clinic is used for accidents and injuries that occur at school.
  • Unless it is a real emergency, each student sent to the clinic must have a Hall Pass with name, date, time, and teacher signature.
The clinic phone is for use by the students only in case of illness.
  • Students must have a note from their teacher stating that they are to use the clinic phone.
  • Any student who needs to contact a parent because of illness must do so from the clinic.
  • Do not let them call from other office phones or cell phones.
The nurse or other medical personnel will complete an accident report for any incident that causes an injury to a student requiring medical follow-up.
  • This report must be written within 24 hours of the incident. Forms are available in the clinic.
No student may carry any medication on their person while on campus except for allergic reaction kits and asthma inhalers and these only when there is a completed medication form on file in the clinic.
  • All over-the-counter medications, as well as prescription medications must be kept in the Clinic with a corresponding medication form.
  • If you become aware that a student is carrying medication, please refer the student to the nurse in the clinic.
Parents may send medication to be taken at school.
  • This medication must be stored in the clinic.
  • Administration of the medication will be scheduled, whenever possible, at times that cause the least amount of class disruption.
  • Please contact the nurse if there is a problem.
Students may not attend school if they have head lice. Their hair must be free of nits before they can return to class.
Students must get their PE excuse from the school nurse.
  • Students are still to go to the PE class.
  • A PE excuse is a modification of physical activity, not a permit to be absent from class.

NOTE: There is a loan closet in the clinic with clean clothing for elementary students. These are for loans only. Send the student with a note.