Secondary Building

As we look toward moving in to our new learning spaces, planning details and important information will be updated below.


Up Front…

Teaching Materials/Office Materials – teaching materials should be boxed and ready by December 18. Boxes will be moved by Building Services.

World Languages relocating to L-354 (Tijerino) & L-356 (Santiago) – materials boxed and ready by December 18. Boxes will be moved by Building Services.

Q-Building — Mathien’s courses continue in current location through the end of January;  relocation to Q-502 (old biology room) scheduled for February 1 – 5.

NEW Main Office (note the name change) residents (counselors, administration, ESE, school psych, safety/SRO, and student records) move into new offices January 5 – 8. The current Front Office remains operational until the end of the day on January 12. Our new Main Office opens January 13.  Meetings with students/families scheduled through January 12 will be held in the current (old) Front Office. P.K. Yonge student and family access to the new building begins January 20.

Business Office & Facilities Management remains in its current location until the end of January; relocate to Q-building first week of February.

IT Office remains in Q501 until the end of January;  relocates in Q-building the first week of February.

Drop-Off, Pick-Up, and Parking locations remain the same until the end of the 2020-21 school year.

Faculty and staff access to the new building begins on January 13.  A reminder that faculty should plan for January 5-12 instruction knowing most materials will be inaccessible in the new building until January 13.

All faculty and staff will access the new building using Gator 1 cards. Orientation to the building and Gator 1 access training for faculty and staff is planned for January 13.

Students begin second semester classes in the new building on January 20. Family communications will be sent prior to that time with important information about the first day in the new building.


Important Information

1) The (Evolving) Master Timeline
2) Secondary Building | Faculty Timeline and Planning 12.02.2020
3) Master Schedule 2020-21 — Two worksheets 1) Fall Master Schedule, Proposed Spring Master Schedule w/locations
4) Professional Learning Agenda — Jan 13, 14, 15, 19
5) Telephones – Helpful Hints for Setup and Use