• Visitors to the P.K. Yonge campus are required to check in at the Front Gate with a state-issued ID before proceeding further on the campus.
  • The gate-guard provides a visitor’s name tag to indicate a visitor has registered at the front gate.
  • School-age friends and relatives are not allowed as visitors on campus. Faculty should not allow such visitors in class.
  • Do not hesitate to question strangers on campus. Part of our supervisory responsibility includes ensuring that only people with legitimate school business are on the grounds. Refer visitors without a badge to the front office or call administration.
  • In unusual circumstances (such as a short-term foreign visitor), arrangements may be made through the administration. Teachers will be informed of these rare visits.
  • Students who have been formally invited to attend P.K. Yonge may visit campus if prior arrangements are made with the administration or the admissions office.