Emergency Procedures


Evacuation* occurs in response to an event that requires buildings to be emptied for safety reasons – fire, gas leak, etc.

  • All alarms must be treated as an emergency.
  • When an alarm rings, quickly and calmly evacuate students following the directions and evacuation routes posted in each classroom
  • Once in your assigned area, take attendance using the Emergency Evacuation Report
  • Stand quietly in the assigned area (Teachers please assist substitute teachers)
  • Missing students must be reported to administrators in order to account for every student on campus. Provide the completed Emergency Evacuation Report form to an administrator.
  • Teachers who do not have students at the time of the evacuation must assist in the sweep of all buildings to make sure that all classrooms and bathrooms are clear.
  • Students, faculty, and staff should not return to buildings until given the all clear by administration.
  • If evacuation of the campus becomes necessary, all students will be moved to the U.F. Shands Hospital Support Facility on SW 6th Street.

*Evacuation drills will be both announced and unannounced.


Lockdown occurs in response to an event that requires all faculty, staff, and students to stay inside the buildings for safety reasons. A Lock Down may be used for 1) a weather warning or 2) a dangerous situation on campus.
Lock Downs are initiated through an announcement on the intercom system. Procedures to be followed are posted in each room on campus.


During a Power Outage

  • Bells will not ring, the intercom will not function, and eventually landline telephones will not work.
  • Administrators will make plans which are dependent upon the cause of the outage.
  • Plans will be communicated to faculty and staff through person-to-person messages.
  • Faculty are required to keep students in class until additional instruction is provided.
  • Do not change classes and do not allow students to use cell phones.


Severe Weather

Tornado Watch

A Tornado Watch is the first level of concern. When a watch is issued for our area, classes in portable buildings will be moved inside permanent buildings and classes that meet outside will be moved into a sheltered place. Other activities will continue according to schedule.

Tornado Warning

A Tornado Warning means a tornado has been sighted. There is a specific “safe” pattern to be followed which is shared with faculty during safety training. We are obligated, for the safety of our students, to hold at least one Tornado Drill during the school year.


Other Situations of Concern

Do not hesitate to call the front office (x221) if you see something that raises a question about safety for anyone on our campus (volatile interaction, stranger on campus, dogs on campus, broken window, etc.)