Drugs and Alcohol on Campus

Detailed policy regarding drugs and alcohol on campus is outlined in the Code of Student Conduct located on the Policies and Publications page

The presence of illegal drugs on the school campus must be reported immediately.

If you, as a faculty/staff member, become aware of possible drug use by a student, contact Administration, giving the name of the student and reasons for your suspicions. Administration will keep the source of the information confidential, while conducting further investigation.

The School Resource Officer, an administrator, behavior coach, or a guidance counselor are all appropriate recipients for this information. Each of these people is aware of appropriate next steps to be taken.

Administration will make a determination as to whether a parent should be informed of the suspicions.

FYI – Law enforcement officers are under no obligation to inform schools about issues or incidents involving students that occur off campus. Thus, P.K. Yonge is not officially made aware of off-campus incidents.

F.S. 1006.09 (9)
A school principal or a school employee designated by the principal, if she or he has reasonable suspicion that a prohibited or illegally possessed substance or object is contained within a student’s locker or other storage area, may search the locker or storage area.