ALICE – Emergency Response

At P.K. we are always looking for ways to improve campus safety.

ALICE is the name of an emergency response program we use at P.K. Yonge. The acronym ALICE represents a number of ways to respond to an emergency. The program is proactive and provides a number of response options beyond the lockdown that we have used in the past.  Different strategies in the ALICE program are used based on where a dangerous person is at the time of an event and other factors. These strategies are based on problem-solving applied to different emergency situations.


A – Alert
L – Lockdown (enhanced)
I – Inform
C – Counter
E – Evacuate


Classrooms Lessons - Secondary Students

Lesson 1 – Introduction and A

Lesson 2 – L and I

Lesson 3 – C and E

Lesson 4 – Review and Scenario