Faculty and staff are responsible for disarming security alarms to their buildings or classrooms each morning. It is very important to always be prepared to perform this task.

Know Your Alarm Code

CAUTION: Building Services do not disarm the security alarms in each building every morning. You will need to be prepared to do so.

If you need your alarm code and/or password, contact Amy Neal (352.392.1554 x294)


If you set off an alarm...


Call UF Police Department immediately

Call UFPD even before you try try to turn the alarm off.
Failure to call UPD immediately may result
in the school being charged $50 – $200 per false alarm.

When you call UFPD:

  • Identify yourself: My name is ____________________________. I am a P.K. Yonge ___________ (faculty member, staff member, etc.) and I have set the alarm off in building _________. You may be asked for additional information, including your UFID number (on your GatorOne card) and the P.K. Yonge Alarm password (which is announced at the Back to School Breakfast)
  • If you do not call UPD, an officer will be dispatched to resolve the issue and P.K. Yonge will be charged

After calling UPD to cancel the alarm, report the time, day, and location of the alarm to Maggie Conley | for record-keeping in order to help us from paying for false alarms.


Things to Remember

  • Store your alarm code and password in your cell phone as a contact or in your wallet
  • Enter at the main door adjacent to and near the alarm system keypad. You can determine if the alarm is still on by looking through the door window to see if a red light is glowing on the alarm pad)
  • Elementary teachers enter through the double-doors on the north side of the building (near the music and art rooms)
  • Do NOT use other doors (i.e. back, side, secondary, as these instantly trigger the alarm)
  • Do not enter the copy room door if the lights are turned off in the building
  • Main entry doors have a 45 second delay to enter your code before the alarm is triggered
  • Press each number firmly and slowly on the keypad
  • Each night Building Services will secure buildings and set alarms
  • If you enter and disarm a building beyond the school day or on a weekend:
    • Verify you are the only person in the building
    • Reset the alarm before you leave
  • If the keypad in your building is not working properly, email Building Services |