Complete the Purchase Request  at least TWO WEEKS before you need the item.

This form will AUTOMATICALLY calculate your totals if you download the document to your computer and edit in Adobe. Once edited, save the file to your computer to be printed. This form is to be filled out for all purchases, including textbooks, and classroom materials and supplies.

Classroom materials/supplies will be completed in the spring/summer prior to the next school year. These supplies will be delivered during pre-planning.

Please NOTE: NO REIMBURSEMENTS will be provided for the purchase of supplies.

Purchase Request Approvers

  • Curriculum – approved by department chair and then Christy Gabbard
  • Technology – approved by Christy Gabbard
  • Supplies – submit to Dawn Szymanski
  • Athletics – approved by Kelly Barrett
  • Travel – request submitted to Lynda Hayes who then adds request to SAC agenda; teacher presents request at SAC.  All travel receipts are due no later than two weeks after the trip is completed (including delayed approval for SAC travel requests).
  • Clubs – approved by Carrie Geiger
  • Productions and High School Robotics – budget approved by Lynda Hayes

Please don’t phone, fax, or order anything online.

Due to our purchasing system, it is difficult to pay for things after the fact. The Business Office WILL NOT reimburse for purchases.

Remember to also include shipping and handling charges. If there is no charge for shipping, please indicate on the form.

If you are ordering large quantities of an item, ask about a “quantity” discount. Businesses will often give discounts or free shipping on large orders, or orders to educational institutions.

Please note whether you have been quoted special pricing, and include the representative’s name and a confirmation number. UF does not provide credit information or submit credit applications to vendors. There are also vendors who will not accept purchase orders without this. Ask about purchase order acceptance.

No faculty, staff member, coach, or parent volunteer can sign any type of agreement or contract for services or materials requiring form of payment.

These must go to UF. (i.e. banquet arrangements, price quotes, venues, trips, etc.)