As a Developmental Research School, positive news coverage of our program promotes our mission and publicizes our participation in the life of the community. There are several sources of news coverage.

There is never any guarantee that your activity or event will appear in the local newspaper or on the evening news. However, there are some general guidelines you can keep in mind that will help you generate positive publicity.

Seeking Media Coverage

Notify the Principal, Dr. Carrie Geiger – – and Communications Office, Julie Henderson – – that you are seeking media coverage and seek administrative approval before contacting the media. The communications office can help with contacting the media, writing press/media releases, meeting media on campus, setting up interviews, and other related activities.

Reporters, editors, and producers look for stories with the following elements. Keep these in mind when you discuss seeking media coverage with administration.

Impact: Does it have historical significance or affect large numbers of people?

  • Magnitude: Will there be a big crowd? Is it the tallest, largest, fastest?
  • Celebrity: Is a well-known person involved?
  • Partnership: Is this the result of an interesting partnership (UF, City of Gainesville, etc.)
  • Recognition: Has someone been recognized for something significant?
  • Conflict: Are there two or more opposing parties?
  • Timeliness: Has it recently been in the news?

Notify the Communications Office in writing about your activity by sending an email – – with a brief description of the event and its significance.


  • date and time
  • location
  • brief description of event and its significance
  • name and number of a contact person

Don’t wait until the last minute to inform the communications office about your event. Advance notice helps get your story into the pipeline for media outlets in town and helps us organize activities required for media coverage.


Notification of Media Coverage

In the event that the media notifies you of an intent to come to campus, please notify the Principal, Dr. Carrie Geiger – – and Communications Office, Julie Henderson – that the media will be visiting the school or that phone calls may be received regarding your event or activity.

Advanced notice of media visits prevents unnecessary duplication of efforts and helps the school meet media needs while on campus – location needs, student/faculty interviews, parental permissions, etc.

Be sure the communications office has all the information needed.

  • date
  • time
  • location
  • focus of the event
  • who is coming