Intern Placement

The placement of interns must be coordinated by the Assistant Principal of Instructional Practice – Dr. Carrie Geiger University coordinators submit all requests to the AP of Instructional Practice who announces opportunities to teachers.


P.K. Yonge provides placements for six elementary interns from the University of Florida College of Education, three from the Elementary Pro-Teach program and three from Special Education. These are year-long internships that begin during preplanning and continue through the end of the spring semester. Interested students apply and are interviewed by members of the elementary faculty for selection. Because of the long duration and commitment associated with these internships, interns are given the opportunity to work with multiple teachers within a learning community over the course of their internships. During the Spring Semester, College of Education students are provided information about interning at P.K. Yonge.



Prior to each UF semester, the College of Education provides a list of internship placement needs. These opportunities are announced to teachers who then sign up to supervise an intern. These opportunities vary in length from semester-long internships to a few visits, depending on the preparation program requirements. In addition to UF, we also receive requests from St. Leo University and others. Opportunities for mentoring student teachers will be shared with eligible teachers as they become available.


Requirements for Supervising Interns

Clinical Educator Training
Minimum of 3 years effective teaching
Administrative Approval