Each teacher is required to hold a teaching certificate valid in the state of Florida.

Teaching Certificates are kept on file in the Business Office.
Faculty will receive routine reminders beginning one year from the certificate expiration date.

How to Renew Your Certificate

Confirm you have accrued 120 in-service points in order to renew.
Heather Robinson (hrobinson@pky.ufl.edu) can help verify points accrued.

Contact Amy Neal (aneal@pky.ufl.edu) and she will submit your points electronically to DOE.

To apply for renewal and pay your renewal fee, go to https://www.fldoe.org/teaching/certification/on-line-application-status-lookup-site.stml. When making payment online, you must select “100-Department of Education” as your district affiliation instead of 75-UF Lab School. This choice is what allows you to make your payment.

Once verification of your in-service points has been sent to DOE (by Amy Neal) and your online payment has been received in Tallahassee, your re-certification will be in process.

Certificates with be delivered by email. Watch your inbox for your renewed certificate.

Once you have received your certificate, provide a copy to Amy Neal (aneal@pky.ufl.edu) for inclusion in your personnel file.

Accruing and Documenting Inservice Points

In order to re-certify, 120 in-service credit points are required and 20 hours of ESE training must be included in the total. Points can be earned through participation in professional learning activities at P.K. Yonge, college re-certification, attendance at workshops, conferences, or online trainings.

To see how many points you have, visit TRACK. If you have not logged in before, use your P.K. Yonge email address and you will be prompted to create an account. Heather Robinson is also able to check how many points you have accrued.

For workshops, conferences, online trainings, and professional learning activities, documentation must be provided to Heather Robinson (hrobinson@pky.ufl.edu). Please provide documentation of professional learning activities as soon as possible upon completion of the activity.

Attendance at P.K. Yonge professional learning activities is recorded on a meeting roster for every activity. Please sign the meeting roster to document your attendance. If you don’t sign the meeting roster, those points will not be added to your account.