Code of Ethics

State Board of Education Rule 6B-1.001, FAC
The Code of Ethics of the Education Profession in Florida

(1) The educator values the worth and dignity of every person, the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, acquisition of knowledge, and the nurture of democratic citizenship. Essential to the achievement of these standards are the freedom to learn and to teach and the guarantee of equal opportunity for all.

(2) The educator’s primary professional concern will always be for the student and for the development of the student’s potential. The educator will therefore strive for professional growth and will seek to exercise the best professional judgement and integrity.

(3) Aware of the importance of maintaining the respect and confidence of one’s colleagues, of students, of parents, and of other members of the community, the educator strives to achieve and sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct.
Adams v. State of Florida Professional Practices Council, 406 So 2nd 1170 Fla. 1st DCA 1981