Update: Skyward, Schedules, School Day, Virtually P.K. Lunch, Advisory…and More!

August 19, 2020

Another day, another update! This time we’re providing information about accessing your Skyward Student Information System account and how secondary students can see class schedules and request schedule changes. You’ll also find information about what a day might look like for a student, lunch information for Virtually P.K. students and an introduction to Advisory for secondary students.

There are also a couple of reminders about important dates for the 2020-21 school year, the bell schedule, attendance and tardy procedures, the clinic, and student parking.


How to get Skyward Information | Details
Skyward is the student information system we use for communication with families, for grading, scheduling, and many other things! Log-in information will be provided to families on Friday, August 21. We ask that families always keep Skyward updated with current phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and emergency contacts. Don’t forget!

Secondary Schedules | Skyward
Secondary schedules will be published in Skyward on Friday, August 21 after 5pm. Students will be able to log in to Skyward to see their schedules. See what a schedule looks like here: Skyward Student Information System.

Schedule Change Requests | Details
Class schedule change requests may be submitted from Monday, August 24 at 7:30am until Wednesday, August 26 at 5:00pm

What Does a School Day Look Like This Year? | Sample Secondary School Day Routine
School days look slightly different this year and we know that the theme of 2020 is “change.” For middle and high school students, please review the Sample Secondary School Day Routine. For elementary students, daily schedules are coming soon to Virtually P.K.

Lunch | Virtually P.K. Off Campus Students | Lunch/Cafeteria
From August 24 – 26, Virtually P.K. off campus students will be able to pick up free meals from any of the 23 pick up sites in Alachua County. Over those three days, a total of 7 days’ worth of meals will be provided. Beginning on September 1 two pick-up sites (P.K. Yonge and Buchholz High School) will be set up for free/reduced/paid meal service for P.K. Yonge students.

An exciting new development on campus and off campus this year is the addition of advisory in our secondary school. Advisories are small groups of students and one faculty member that meet on campus or online.  Advisory is a time scheduled each week designed to support community building and uncover common ground between all members of our diverse school community. We are excited to be partnering with the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding in developing advisory and other structures as we continue the development of our caring school community.


Some Important Reminders

Bell Schedule | Dates 2020-21 | Attendance & Tardy Procedures | Clinic | Student Parking


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