Return Dates for Students Testing Positive for COVID-19 Over the Break

January 7, 2022

As a follow-up to yesterday’s email (COVID-19 Campus Protocol Update) regarding isolation for students testing positive for COVID-19 and quarantine options for close contacts, we ask families of students who received positive COVID-19 tests over the winter break to share information with the P.K. Yonge nurse prior to returning to school.

If a student in your household received a positive COVID-19 test result over the winter break, please share the details below via email with the nurse. Clinic staff will be in contact to provide return to school dates.


Student Name
2. Student Grade
3. Date of Positive COVID-19 Test Result
4. Parent/Guardian Name
5. Parent/Guardian Phone

Clinic staff will follow up with families based on information submitted in the email.
PLEASE don’t forget to include the DATE OF THE POSITIVE TEST.


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