Medications and Medical Forms for Fall 2020

August 11, 2020

Medications and the associated forms may be delivered to P.K. Yonge when picking up your student’s Chromebook and or school materials. A delivery location will be clearly indicated during those times. To check dates and times: K-12 Chromebook & Materials Pick-Up

A Reminder for the New Year Regarding Medications | Clinic

Administration of medications at school can be performed only if medication schedules cannot be adjusted to provide for administration at home or in a case of emergency.

Medication forms must be provided to the school nurse at the beginning of every school year or if a prescription changes. A new parental consent form is required as well as a new medication bottle for prescription and over-the-counter medication administration each year.

Please complete a Request for Administration of Medication by School Personnel or a Request for Student Self-Administration of Medication and deliver the form and medication to the front office or email

No student may carry medication on his/her person while at school with the exceptions of allergy reaction kits or asthma inhalers and forms are required for self-carried EpiPens and inhalers. Inhalers and EpiPens are not stocked in the clinic.

All medications must be in the original medication container and within expiration date. Medications will not be administered if medication is expired. All medication bottles must be clearly labeled with the student’s first and last name.

If your child has food allergies, please submit the Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations to the Cafeteria.

For more information regarding medications and the school clinic, please visit the Clinic on the web.

School Nurse: Eva Gonzalez, RN BSN | 352.294.7293 |

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