Kindergarten and First Grade Assessments

August 3, 2020

Kindergarten and First Grade Families — We hope you’re finding fun ways to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

We are pleased to announce that we are able to schedule academic assessments for students prior to school starting!

Each year we carry out assessments before school for Kindergarten students to help provide teachers important information as they plan for the coming school year. This year we are able to expand that to include our first grade students.

Please sign up below based on the program you selected for Fall 2020 (e.g. if you are a Virtually P.K. Kindergarten student, please be sure to use that signup link). All assessments will take place in the morning. Families selecting the on-campus program for fall will be assessed on campus and families opting for Virtually P.K. will be assessed online. Please use the sign-up links below to identify your preferred time.


Please Sign Up by Midnight Sunday, August 9

Kindergarten – Virtually P.K. Off Campus | August 12, 13, 14 — Sign Up
Kindergarten – On-Campus | August 10, 11, 12 — Sign Up

First Grade – Virtually P.K.Off Campus | August 12, 13, 14 — Sign Up
First Grade – On-Campus | August 10, 11, 12 — Sign Up


Remember to check Fall 2020 and Elementary | Getting Started for information regarding our return to school

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