Input Requested – Fall 20-21

July 8, 2020

P.K. Yonge Families — With the first day of school quickly approaching and the recent Commissioner of Education’s Order regarding the fall semester for 2020-21, we know you are looking for details regarding plans and instructional options for the start of school.

Based on your responses to our earlier survey and the Commissioner’s Emergency Order permitting both on-campus and remote instruction for the first semester of 2020-21, we have updated possible options for our return to school. Those options are outlined briefly below.

We are asking for your input to help us determine if we can support both remote and on-campus instruction options with P.K. Yonge faculty. 

In partnership with UF Health and the University of Florida we have also updated campus procedures for the return to school. Please review Updated Campus Procedures and the brief outlines of possible options at P.K. Yonge (provided below).

Please respond to Reopening 2020-21| P.K. Yonge Options by July 12


P.K. Yonge’s instructional options will be finalized based on input from this survey and P.K. Yonge’s available resources. Finalized options will be presented with P.K. Yonge’s reopening plan and shared with the school community. Families will choose from the available options for the first semester at that time. Stay tuned!

Thank you, P.K. Yonge Community. We are so grateful for all of you and your support for P.K. Yonge as we navigate changing circumstances in our state. We will be back in touch during the week of July 13.


P.K. Yonge Possible Options | First Semester 2020-21

Accommodations for students receiving exceptional student educational services (ESE) will be provided in all P.K. Yonge options.

Kindergarten – 5th Grade 

  1. Full-time on campus: 5 days
  2. Full-time off campus: 5 days off campus, remote instruction/independent learning activities and assignments

6th – 12th Grade 

  1. Full-time on campus: 5 days
  2. Hybrid: 2 days on campus / 3 days off campus, remote instruction/independent learning activities and assignments (supports physical distancing and reduces number of students on campus)
  3. Full-time off campus: 5 days off campus remote, instruction/independent learning activities and assignments


Remote Instruction and Virtual School

Remote Instruction (P.K. Yonge)

  • Led by P.K. Yonge faculty with P.K. Yonge curriculum
  • Chromebook provided by P.K. Yonge
  • Students attend scheduled online sessions with a P.K. Yonge teacher
  • Students complete learning tasks independently
  • Availability of remote instruction dependent on adequate number of students

Full-time Full-year Virtual School (FLVS)

  • Request Leave of Absence from P.K. Yonge for 2020-2021 by July 15.
  • Enroll in Florida Virtual School by July 24. Families are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible to reserve a seat.
  • Led by a Florida Virtual School teacher with Florida Virtual School curriculum
  • Family responsible for providing computer/internet access


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